Guard Enterprise Solution For Private Patrol Companies

Use the power of GES to expand your private patrol company’s vision by automating your entire private patrol operations.


Respond To The Changing Industry Dynamics With GES

GES allows you to automate entire private patrol operations and take on the security guard industry with technological innovation leading the path.


Expand Your Private Patrol Business With GES Globe

Launch multiple branches across the globe using GES Globe. Along with them, manage your security teams & clients with robust features to improve your bottom line.

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Reduce Operational Complexity With GES Branch Manager

GES Branch Manager allows managing private patrol operations at the branch level by leveraging insightful data of all the on-site activities on a single dashboard.

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GES Client Reporting Portal Transforms Customer Experiences

GES Client Reporting Portal gives your clients the ability to access all the critical on-site guard tour real-time reporting data with secure access from anywhere around the world.

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GES Guard App Improves Operational Performance

GES Mobile App for security guards is an advanced enterprise mobile app designed to boost productivity by helping them accomplish tasks with greater efficiency.

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Extensive Solution To Run Enterprise-Scale Security Operations

Modernize your private patrol company operations to gain the ability to flexibly and rapidly respond to the changing clients’ needs.

Brand Customization

With Guard Enterprise Solution customized to match your brand name, be at liberty to market your brand to your clients & staff.

Company Website Integration

Guard Enterprise Solution integrates with the website to give clients an option to request a quote or place an order online.

Custom Development Services

Need a custom feature developed with GES? Simple or complex, we will provide you the needed flexibility to run your company.

Add-On Modules & Integrations

Armed with powerful add-on modules & integrations, security enterprise system is built to expand your business capabilities.

GES Private Cloud

Hosted on a separate private cloud with its own resources, Guard Enterprise Solution is designed to keep your data secure.

Live Phone & Chat Support

All GES accounts come with premium 24/7 live phone & chat support so you can get in touch with us when an issue arises.


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