GES Guard App: Formulated To Boost Guard's Productivity

Designed to enhance the performance of your security guards on-site, GES Guard App also eliminates the need to carry multiple devices to perform their tasks.


Ditch Paperwork & Send Guard Tour Reports On The Go

Improve your guard tour real-time reporting by eliminating paperwork and automating the process with quickly customizable report formats for guards to fill in, attach media files, & share them live.


Empower Your Guards To Execute Schedules Perfectly

Equip your security guards with GES mobile app to access in-app notifications, changes in schedules, tasks assigned, check-in/out of post-sites, acknowledge post orders, and more, all in real-time.


GES Guard App: Built To Enhance Operational Efficiency

Guard Enterprise Solution mobile patrol app is meant to enhance the way guards work by improving their operational performance & maximizing efficiency so you can manage client expectations efficiently.